Relationship Counselling

All relationships have ups and downs, but sometimes they can get a bit stuck and it’s hard to talk things through or get to a positive solution. That’s when help from a skilled relationship counsellor can make all the difference. 


My counselling process is based on various aspects of relationship healing which I take from my experience and the expertise I have gained through the years. It is for individuals, families, partners and team members. Whether you feel things are not quite right or whether you are encountering serious difficulties, I am here to listen to you, support and guide you towards a positive outcome. 

"I was suffering in a relationship for over 3 years and had tried all possible ways to make it work but in vain. I was introduced to Dr. Karanvir by a friend and in the very first session, I had the clarity of what really were the underlying issues with my partner. I took a total of 3 sessions and my relationship has been functioning very well. Dr. Karanvir's experience with human minds and emotions is so vast that he could give me solutions that worked very well and saved my relationship. I shall be ever grateful to him."

- Ajay D, Mumbai


Duration: The counselling is often spread out between one main session and then follow up sessions where I would help you regulate your emotions, improve your conversation style, cultivate intimacy and or repair relationships to function harmoniously.